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Towneley Hall

Burnley, Lancashire

Towneley Hall.jpeg

Client    Burnley Borough Council

Scope   grade I listed | 13th century | historic house and park | 

              structural condition survey | masonry and timber repairs  

Status    On Site

Grade I listed 13th to 14th century historic house open to the public since 1902. The hall underwent extensive alterations by Architects John Carr and Jeffrey Wyatt in the 18th and 19th centuries respectively.

An essential repair and refurbishment scheme is underway, with a detailed survey and design for sensitive repairs carried out by Blackett-Ord Conservation. Repairs include: localised masonry rebuilding, replacement and strengthening of timber floor and roof members. 

Gainford Hall

Gainford, County Durham

Client    Raby Estates

Scope   grade I listed | 1600 Jacobean | structural condition                     survey | sensitive roof strengthening | masonry repairs  

Status    Completed

Gainford Hall was built between 1600 and 1603 and is considered to be the earliest example of a double pile plan-form in County Durham and possibly in the north of England. The east staircase and the top floor were both unfinished. In 1846 the building was described as being in a ‘dilapidated state’, or even ruinous condition, and was restored in the late 19th century.

Works included strengthening the timber roof trusses with stainless steel tie rods, localised repairs using traditional carpentry methods and careful removal of corroded ironwork embedded in the masonry walls. 

Gainford Hall 01 (1).jpeg

Haslington Hall

Haslington, Cheshire

Haslington Hall 01.jpeg

Client    Private

Scope   grade I listed | late 15th century | fire damage | safe                       access structural survey | temporary works  

Status    Completed

Haslington Hall suffered an unfortunate and devastating fire causing damaged to significant parts of the Grade I listed building.

Works involved a careful considered assessment of the building to determine which areas were safe, removal of collapsed structure and interior finishes, and a temporary roof covering. 

Seaton Delaval Hall

Seaton Delaval, Northumberland

Client    National Trust

Scope   grade I listed | 1718 | historic park and garden | 

              structural condition survey | sensitive repairs  

Status    Completed                     Awards  RICS National 2022

A major repair and refurbishment scheme for the Grade I listed Hall, ancillary buildings and its gardens. The project was HLF funded. 

Works involved: assessment and strengthening of walled gardens and bastions, and ha-ha walls around the fortified gardens, underpinning to the west wind using Goober (proprietary geopolymer resin) to stabilise the building from mining subsidence and stone indent repairs and replacement to the cantilever staircases 

Seaton Delaval Hall 01.jpeg

Overstone Hall


Overstone Hall 01.jpeg

Client    Private

Scope   grade II listed | 19th century | country house | fire                           damage | structural condition survey | repair strategy  

Status    Ongoing

A Grade II listed house and estate. The house suffered a major catastrophic fire in 2001 and we are currently investigating the structural implications of an options and feasibility study to restore the building and bring it back into use.

Croxteth Hall

County Durham

Client    Liverpool City Council

Scope   grade II* listed | 1575 country house and park | 

              structural condition survey | repairs and waterproofing  

Status    Completed

Croxteth Hall is Grade II* listed with the surrounding parkland Grade II listed. The park is considered one of the major heritage centres of the north west.   

Works involved an inspection of the podium alongside Purcell Architects, with structural repair and waterproofing recommendations. 

Croxteth Hall 01.jpeg

Blencow Hall

Penrith, Cumbria

Blencow Hall 01.jpeg

Client    Rowley Estates

Scope   grade I listed | 14th century | fortified house | 

              structural condition survey | masonry repairs  

Status    Completed                     Awards  RICS Heritage 2010

A Grade I fortified house in partial ruin, converted in 2010 to holiday accommodation.

Structurally the stability of the existing walls was important as was the interaction between the old and the new structures.

This sensitive intervention brought back into sustainable use a ruin that had been vacant for many years.

Whalley Abbey

Whalley, Lancashire

Client    The Diocese of Blackburn

Scope   grade I listed | scheduled ancient monument 1320 | 

              structural condition survey | sensitive repairs  

Status    Completed

Whalley Abbey was a former Cistercian monastery. The west range is now used as a Roman Catholic Church hall and the Assheton mansion as a conference centre. 

Blackett-Ord Conservation have been involved over a number of years, carrying out structural condition surveys and recommending sensitive repairs. 

Whalley Abbey 01.jpeg
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