North Yorkshire

An 18th Century designed landscape built for Sir William Robinson by Colen Campbell in 1720-21.  The focal point of the design is the canal, a feature that directly links the house with the landscape, and marked with a stone obelisk at the end.

The obelisk is a 9m high stone tapering column, now grade II listed, which had deformed and twisted due to weathering and expansion of the iron cramps embedded within its bed joints.  Stonewalls faced with cobbles bound the canal.  A new water source in the form of a borehole with solar powered pumps was installed to supply the canal, the walls were repointed and damage walls rebuilt with stones salvaged from the removed silt. The obelisk was dismantled and rebuilt with 25% of the stone replaced with new sourced stone from local quarries. Funded under the High Level Stewardship Programme funded by Natural England.

A full article on the project appears in the journal of the IHBC, Context, No.135, July 2014.